Membership Fees Set

DollarFundraising for the 2013 Harrietville bluegrass Festival has begun with ABOTMA Seeking to attract members to join the organisation.

At the meeting on the 5th May 2013, membership categories were set as:

  • Band membership;
  • Full adult member;
  • Student/Youth member;
  • Family membership;
  • Overseas guest member;
  • Life member.

Life membership may be purchased, but may also be awarded by ABOTMA in recognition of services to bluegrass and old-time music in Australasia.

The Executive then agreed on the following membership fees to be paid annually:

  • Band – $70.00 (to include a maximum of six members)
  • Adult – $25.00 (>21 years)
  • Student/Youth – $15.00. (Includes youth between the ages of 14 to 21 years)
  • Child – $0.00 (<14 years)
  • Family – $60.00 (this category includes up to 4 family members of any age eg. 2 adults + 2 kids or 1 adult+ 3 kids)
  • Overseas Guest M’ship – $20.00 (the association might elect to pay for these where appropriate)
  • Life membership – $500 (unless awarded in recognition of services to bluegrass and/or old-time music)

Membership shall be for the year in which the membership is paid. Membership to ABOTMA bought in 2013 shall be valid for the 2013 year. The Executive also agreed that in this first year of the Association, new memberships paid for before 30 June 2013, shall nevertheless be valid until 30 June 2014.