About ABOTMA Inc


The Australasian Bluegrass and Old Time Music Association is made up of a volunteer group of people working to deliver the aims of the association. The annual general meeting of the association is held and the  MountainGrass Festival in November each year.

The 2017/2018 Executive Committee:

Helen Ludellen
Evan Webb
Vice President
Jennifer Land
Helen Ludellen

Supporting committee members:

Mick O'Neill John Taylor
Program Manager
Mick O’Neill
Governance and
Risk Management
John Taylor


The broad mission of ABOTMA is to support the teaching, performance, and promotion of bluegrass & old-time music. This includes:

  • sponsoring and coordinating workshops, masterclasses, and music seminars
  • organising performances by bands and solo artists in urban and rural concerts and festivals
  • awarding scholarships and prizes for achievements in bluegrass & old-time music
  • cooperating and collaborating with affiliated music organisations

ABOTMA has commenced building affiliations with bluegrass & old-time music organisations, teachers, and performers within the region and internationally, and in particular with the USA where these music forms originated. Over time, an Australasian ‘flavour’ will no doubt develop as the music evolves through local influences.

Anyone is welcome to become a member and take an active role in contributing to the Association and its activities.